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Tourism in Brazil

Tourism in Brazil

Brazil has all the key elements for a successful tourist destination: sunshine, beaches, nature, and vibrant culture and history. With its 8000 km of coastline, tropical white sand beaches lined by palm trees, and regional music and dance, Brazil has a thriving tourist industry.

Tourism is now a top priority in the government's agenda. Authorities realize the importance of tourism as a source of foreign currency and as a sector generating employment and income (last year 210 000 jobs very created due to increasing tourism). When the new government took office in 2003, they created the Ministry of Tourism and they have already more than doubled the number of international events and fairs promoting tourism in Brazil.

In 2006, over $736 million went towards improving Brazil's infrastructure, updating several airports, renovation and new construction of road and draining systems, historical heritage recovery and environmental preservation.

Brazil's tourism has increased the last years from 37 million visitors in 2002 to 55 million in 2005 (a 48% increase). To put things in perspective, in 2006 Puerto Rico received little more than 3 million tourists.

Under the Government's National Tourism Plan, the specific objectives for the next years are to:
  • Attract over 9 million foreign tourists annually
  • Generate 1,200,000 new jobs
  • Receive 8 billion dollars in foreign currency
  • Diversify the tourism offer (develop at the least three quality products in each of the states of the federation)
  • Increase the average spending per tourist
  • Increase number of domestic travelers to 65 million annually