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Brazil Property Group - Brazilian Real Estate and Beach Property for Sale

Brazilian Real Estate

We are real estate consultants that specialize in sourcing land, negotiating that land on behalf of a buyer, and handling the closing for that property. We work to get the best price on behalf of the buyer and to assist that buyer so that the investment made is solid.

The core regions of business are the following and the only properties we list on our site our below market price, or are inherently good investments.

  1. Western Bahia is for the investor looking for undeveloped farm land in an established region. This region is ideal as there is still easily a million hectares of land that is yet to be developed into productive farm land, there is nearly two million hectares already developed. This well established region has full infrastructure to assist anyone.
  2. Mato Grosso do Sul is for the investor who is interested in being a farmer near Sao Paulo but not paying the Sao Paulo land prices, which are the highest in Brazil. This region is a growing Sugarcane region, and in 20 years will be a dominate sugarcane producing region. We see major price growth in this region over the next few years.
  3. Tocantins areas have great land, and great rain. It has been overlooked in the past, which means there are still deals. This region is great for farmland.
  4. Para - we like Para state for forestry plantations, REDD carbon credit projects and for palm oil. This region is one of the only regions in all of Brazil good for palm oil. REDD carbon credits need threat to generate the credits, so this also is the ideal location.

About Brazilian Lands

Brazil is one of the only places in the world where a person can buy, free hold with clean title and even title insurance, highly productive contiguous pieces of land that are over 100,000 acres / 40,000 hectares. In Brazil there are about 500 properties that are ranch land, farmland, or forestry land that fall into this category.

Most of the properties are already developed into farms or ranches, but a select few are very large pieces pristine rainforest land. In Brazil, there are only about 100 properties over 250,000 acres / 100,000 hectares. These properties are the gems of the world - they are extremely rare to find with clean title, and even more rarely on the market. Typically, when on the market they sell immediately, as long as they have all documents in order. Our team of attorneys at Brazil Property Group Ltda. has made it our goal to sell these priceless properties and to sort through the documentation so you don't have to.

About Brazilian Rainforest Lands

There are three principle reasons a client would want this land:

  1. Carbon Credit speculation or Preservation projects. We are the leader in this type of business in the world for the Brazilian Market place. We have brokered or set up more land for Adverted Deforestation than any other market.
  2. Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) projects. This is a sustainable management plan on the land. This is a very profitable way to do business if the right team is chosen. One tree will cost to cut US$60 dollars and it will sell in the US for US$2,000 dollars. The target under the Brazilian system is to sub-divide the land into 25 sections and cut one section each year for 25 years. In each section you are allowed to cut 30 cubic meters of wood PER HECTARE. For the Gringo investors please note there are 423 board feet in each cubic meter.
  3. Private retreat or eco-resort. Rainforest land is ideal for eco-resorts or a private home. It is every rich man's dream come true to own a piece of land that is a private estate unto themselves, where they can go to relax and truly know that they have absolute privacy.

Brazilian Farmlands

Our core areas for Brazilian farmland are the states of Mato Grosso and the western part of Bahia. For other areas we can source the land. We target farm land in Brazil because Brazil is the largest producer of many of the world's farm commodities such as Soy. The market is an evolving market - currently all the farm products in Brazil are exported by truck - during harvest season the one north south road going through Mato Grosso is congested with tractor trailers/lorries bringing the product in sacks to the market. The logistics of shipping product to market has kept farmland prices in Brazil at 1/3 the price level as comparable land in the United States. Over the next decade all the major farm areas in Brazil will have new rail access; this will eliminate the divide and allow farmland prices to appreciate to the global price levels they have yet to reach. This makes Brazilian farmland ripe for purchase.

Brazilian Tree Plantations

We at Brazil Property Group Ltda. has made it our goal to target farm lands and cattle lands for reforestation properties. We believe that protecting the planet is in humanities utmost interest. Our active goal forward is to target existing cattle ranches and turn these into tree plantations. We currently target the western part Mato Grosso for Teak and tropical hardwoods and we target Eastern Bahia and Minas Gerais for Eucalyptus. Our main recommendation is to go big on either of these projects. One hectare of teak can sell for US$100,000 to US$200,000 after 20 years, and even more after 40 years. If the development and purchase cost is US$3,000 per hectare over the same time. The project becomes highly profitable. As for Eucalyptus, the best target is in locations with the highest amount of water or a very high water table. The government currently has a push to have another 5.5 million hectares of tree plantations, so there are some tax incentives to enter into this market.

Brazilian Ranches

In Brazil there are millions of cattle, and cattle ranches are widespread. They came to be over the last fifty years through the horrible practice of valuable wood extraction, then slash and burn the rainforest, then reseeding and relocating cattle onto the land. This is the cause of 70% of deforestation. In Brazil, only about 20% of the land is utilized in an efficient manner. We recommend when buying a cattle ranch to buy an existing property that has not been slashed and burned to be created. There are hundreds of properties that are ideal for cattle ranch buyers.

Brazilian Ethanol Mills

This is a very difficult market: there are approximately 500 mills in Brazil and another 500 planned to be built or in the construction phase. We have a selection available, however we recommend our services to source these mills because there is no readily available listing.

Brazilian Large Beach Land

We have only selected the best properties at the best price. There are only about 45 large properties for sale along the coast of Brazil. We have access to most of these properties, but we are only listing the best five for sale.

Why Buy Brazil?

The #1 reason to buy in Brazil is the Property Appreciation that will take place over the next 10 years.

  • Undervalued Rural Land Values

    In Brazil, Acreage bought for farms can sell for as low as US$500 dollars for highly productive farm land. Forestry land can sell for as low as US$50 per acre.

  • Growing Economy

    Brazil will be the 5th Largest Economy in the world by 2050. Even during the recession of 2008 and 2009, many of Brazil's core non-manufacturing industries have not been affected by the downturn, including rural lands.

  • Pay little, get a lot

    In Brazil, operating expenses are 1/2 or 1/3 (or even less - especially in the case of skilled and unskilled employees) than the United States and Europe. This type of benefit can save a company millions of dollars in a major forestry or farming operation each year.

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